Federalism in Libya? It’s not the time.

April 11, 2012 6:55 pm0 commentsViews: 6

Talk of federalism in Libya is a smokescreen. More important things need to be sorted, starting with why so many ex-regime figures are still in their positions.

Recently there has been much chatter about the concept of federalism in Libya. As a young person I honestly do not understand the wisdom behind this ‘federalism’, except that it is a diversion and distraction to cover some engineering work to plunge the country into chaos (again).

Now is not the time to introduce or talk about dividing up Libya, this is the time to sort out the infrastructure and security of our country. The country is an absolute mess at the moment and those ‘in charge’ are doing an absolutely terrible job of it. I think it was grossly irresponsible of Mr Zubayr Al-Sannussi (of Barqa fame), and his supporters to even think of establishing a federal state, let alone put it on the top of the agenda and divert attention from many crucial priorities! It is quite clear that this gentleman is doing this for his own interest and is looking for some kind of role or status in Libya, since the National Transitional Council did not bother to do so. Or is it perhaps something more serious? Can’t this man and his supporters see that we just got this country back out of the hands of Gaddafi’s family, and now he wants to chop it all up!??

Apart from security and infrastructure there are many things going on in Libya that really worry me, for example, the glaring fact that Gadaffi’s boy STILL has not been put on trial!! (That’s Saif Al-Islam by the way, or should I say Doctor?). What on earth are these people waiting for? This man is guilty of crimes that go beyond breaking the laws of humanity and there is absolutely no doubt in the role he has played in his father’s regime. I understand that the reasoning behind this ‘delay’ is that if Saif is put on trial, too many people and governments are at risk of getting exposed as well as the exposure of state secrets could embarrass nations (ex-prime ministers and certain European presidents). So as Libyans we should delay justice for our people for the sake of protecting these fools? This ‘delay’ in his trial is OUTRAGEOUS and a complete insult to our people, and all those who were martyred and who suffered under his father’s rule. I fear that deals are being carried out right under our noses to protect Saif, and dare I say to allow him to live in luxury with hefty funds in his pocket (Just like Musa Kosa).

As well as Saif Al-Islam’s non-existent trial, there is the strange case of Musa Kosa STILL enjoying himself in Jordan (the last time I wrote about him, he was in Qatar, now he has moved on to Jordan, I am on his tail every step of the way). It is a complete joke that this man still has not been expelled yet, and as far as I know the NTC do not really have a strong stance on this issue, (I wonder why?). It is almost as if this issue has been swept under the carpet, almost dismissing his existence. The NTC should demand that this man is expelled from Jordan and sent straight back to Libya for questioning and for trial. Again I ask, WHAT is the NTC waiting for?

Speaking of our beloved NTC, have we forgotten that over 90% of them are EX-GADAFFI loyalists and workers? Why is this not an issue with the Libyan people? And we still do not know WHO they all are! (It looks as if that they are being groomed to win the upcoming elections- that’s another letter). These are the same people who helped make our lives an utter misery while working for Gadaffi, and now they are taking over the country and running our lives! Are we, as a nation, going to sit and allow this to happen?

Lastly on my list is the blindingly obvious fact that our embassies (London, Washington etc), are all full of the same people who worked with Big G, and are STILL working now. These are the very same people who threatened us and made our lives miserable. There was a time when you could not even walk past the embassy without being secretly photographed, let alone protest in front of the building. Why on earth have these so called ambassadors allowed these ‘mutasalaqeen’ to stay in OUR embassies? Because they ‘resigned’ from Gadaffi to ‘be with the revolution’?? This behaviour can be translated to jumping out of a sinking ship and saving your own backside. Sensitive and high profile positions in the embassy are even given to folks who did PhD doctorates on Gadaffi explaining how ‘our brother leader’ (her words, not mine) was so amazing in his 42 year reign! This disgusts me and is an utter disgrace.

What did all our martyrs die for exactly? For what? 50,000+ people murdered over 42 years (10,000 of those between February and October), and the countless women raped, for what?? For these ex-Gadaffi animals to take over the country and dictate to us how to live our lives? For these ex-Gadaffi loyalists to take over our embassies and create a division amongst our communities?? For Musa Kosa to be staying in a fancy 5 star accommodation in Jordan? For Saif Al-Islam to be forgotten about altogether? I for one will not stand for this injustice and I urge all the Libyan people to stand up and rise up to these people and keep up the pressure and let them know that we will not allow this. Expose them, write about them and do not let them rest!

Dear reader, you can now see why the talk of federalism is not a priority right now. This federalism stuff is just a smelly decoy to divert attention away from the dodgy NTC and from the real issue of our country being taken and being put in the hands of these ex-Gadaffi mobs. Let us come together and sort all this out (easier said than done). We cannot shoot these people, but we can certainly make their life miserable.

Nada Abuknesha