The erupting Arab volcano

January 27, 2011 4:48 pm5 commentsViews: 207

Much has taken place since the start of the year. There is no doubt that we are witnessing a ‘steady’ large volcanic eruption, but this is no normal volcano!

This volcano has an unsteady history. Over the past century it’s lava has been filled with emotion, scars, hurt, and brutality. We have seen that on the odd occasion the volcano has released some of its black toxic fumes, to make way for more unrest that has followed.

I believe the time has come, these bubbles are getting bigger and bigger, and each bubble has its own tale to tell. If the heat alone is unable to make its surroundings wary of the danger it faces, then the anger and frustration that comes with it causes a deadly mix that no one will be able to stop.

The guardians of this volcano knew of the dangers that they faced if the volcano were to erupt. Instead of cooling it down and keeping it steady, they have been managed to ignite the volcano with medieval tactics, and the highly flammable toll is now there for all to see.

We have witnessed recently the volcano releasing flying pebbles of stone which are coated with extremely hot lava, these latest developments have caused casualties within those who guard the regimes, and has no doubt brought them fear.

I think our people in the Middle East have had enough, our beloved friends in Tunisia have taken the lead and shown us all that these ignorant thugs who think they can play God with innocent lives can be defeated if all shall rise as one.

Our Egyptian friends have started to wake up from an inception which has lasted more then two decades, the road is still yet long for them before they can finally taste the sweetness that their neighbours in Tunisia have experienced, but God willing justice will prevail, the innocent cries and prayers will be answered to.

I see that the line is getter bigger and each state is wanting to chew on the success which the Tunisians have had, the flags of Algeria and Yemen are the two that can be seen up close.

All hail to the people of the Middle East who have finally come to realise that the key to change … is to let go of fear … and boy are they starting to let go of fearing those who have no fear of God!

Mohammed Darweesh

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  • 25taytay

    how tall was this volano ?

  • Maddy Law

    what is this volcano called?